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Darsononline is another break through of Darson Securities in the online brokerage arena of Pakistan. Backed by state of the art technology and a team of professionals, this platform is proving itself to be a complete solution for all trade & investment needs on the Karachi Stock Exchange. Brokerage services being offered online, have been designed in a manner to meet the requirements of all type of individuals having different investment profiles such as beginners, investors, active traders and high net worth individuals.
Darsononline is the easiest option to invest in the Karachi Stock Exchange not only for Pakistan’s residents but also for Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs).

Multiple Order Placement Options (Online, On Phone or with the Trader)
Trades in Ready, Future & Provisional Markets
Personalized services: Customer Relationship Officer (CRO) for every online client
Portfolio Management & Dedicated Portfolio Managers
Valuable Research (Fundamental & Technical)
Tried & Tested Technology
Instant access to current KSE rates
Fast execution of trade orders
Software & Browser Based Trading
SMS Confirmations of Executed Orders & Alerts
Trading Hall Facility
Competitive Brokerage Rates
Branch Office Network

Vtrade Setup
.NET Framework 2.0
Windows Installer
Please go through the following manual to understand the Vtrade Software along with Market Terminologies and Equity Trading Basics
User Manual

Risk factor
There is inherent risk in trading in securities. All the time innumerable factors continue affecting the market. The investor needs to be aware of this fact. However, some times “system outages and failures” at client end, our end or KSE end may also disturb and generate error affecting trade(s). The client needs to be clear in his mind that we do not take any responsibility for any loss suffered by the client in such a “force majure” situation. The client however is advised to report such a situation to DARSON ONLINE in writing, with in 24 hours. The client is also advised immediately, to get in contact with our staff so that the situation may be handled manually with out any loss of time. You are aware that we are equipped with KATS (Karachi Automated Trading System) at our head office. In such an emergency among other things, request for cancellation of pending orders should be client’s first priority.

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